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Adjust immunity

Most people, including healthcare professionals, are unaware and unexposed to the fact that the health and condition of every spine, including babies and children, has an influence on the immune system.  The reason for this is because of the autonomic nervous system’s relationship to the health and condition of the spine. When the spine is not moving in the slightest of ways, it will cause a cascade of events to happen in the brain and autonomic system that is immuno-suppressive. Meaning the ability to fight off infection and other diseases, both short and long term, are affected. We call that subluxation and use specific tests to determine its presence, and more importantly, gentle adjustments to correct. And we know our adjustments improve immunity in a significant way.  At Thrive Wellness Centre we combine gentle Chiropractic care with HumanKind homeopathic remedies, whole food supplements and stress reduction procedures to help you reach you wellness goals.

Check out the following studies that conclude that SPINAL ADJUSTIVE CARE IMPROVES IMMUNITY!!

A study from 2011 (Journal of the American Osteopathic Association) showed that those who received spinal adjustive care increased a specific immune-system protein(IgA) in the blood by 139% after receiving the adjustment. Mar 2011 Journal of Osteopathic Assn – “Impact of Osteopathic Manipulation in Secretory IgA in Stressed Populations

Another Study from 2010 shows more immune fighting proteins increased in blood following an adjustment.  They researched 74 subjects  -those who received an adjustments had significantly higher IgG and IgM levels post adjustment compared to control groups (INCREASED IMMUNITY)  Teodorczyk-Injeyan JA, McGregor M, Ruegg R, Injeyan HS. Interleukin 2-regulated in vitro antibody production following a single spinal manipulative treatment in normal subjects. Chiropractic & Osteopathy 2010, 18:26

A study from 2004 Journal of Orthopedic Surgery not only proved an undeniable link between the spine and immune system, but showed that those who got spinal adjustive care overcame immune-related illnesses compared to those who did not get adjusted.

Increased immunity is a specific side-effect we hear most from parents who bring their kids in to get checked. Chiropractic is good for anyone with a spine, not just adults with back pain. Especially if an individual, including infants, have been exposed to significant chemical, physical, or emotional stress.

A study dating back to the 1990s (Biedermann H. “Kinematic imbalances due to suboccipital strain in newborns” Journal of Manual Medicine (1992) 6:151-156.) showed that the birth process created enough trauma, even in the more natural settings, to cause minor misalignments and fixations in the upper neck. We Chiropractors call it a subluxation, and it can impact their health, development, and immunity in a major way. The biggest challenge is that most subluxations go undetected because they don’t cause pain. This is why we check kids and get great results, including my own!

It’s less about chiropractic and more about the amazing immune system God put in us; which has the ability to detect foreign invaders and attack when necessary. We just check for and remove the interference in the autonomic system by checking and adjusting the spine. The magic is in the creation, not in the chiropractor. And the best scientists and evidence in the world are now proving the importance of the innate immunity and the link between the spine, nervous system, and immunity.

Ok…so this is the science linking the sympathetic nervous system directly to immunity. This proves the undeniable link between the adjustment and immunity because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt through science and studies that the subluxation increases the sympathetic tone and an adjustment reduces it.

New Data – 2013 Book “Autonomic Failure”
-shows macrophage is directly controlled by Sympathetic Nervous System (This validates the relationship between the sympathetic Nervous System and immunity, thus proving the spine’s role in immunity.)

Stress, Immune Function, and Health; The Connection
1999 Wiley-Liss by Bruce Rabin  When the sympathetic nervous system increases, “the activity of the immune system decreases with a resultant increased susceptibility to infection” p.144  Activation of the hypothalamus activates the sympathetic nervous system, activating “catecholamine release in lymphoid tissue with a subsequent alteration of immune cell function and trafficking.” p.129

Nature’s Review of Immunology APRIL 6, 2006
Increased activity of the SNS activity is immunosuppressive  The parasympathetic nervous system modulates immune responses at a regional level through both the efferent and afferent fibers of the VAGUS nerve.

Pharmacological Reviews Dec. 2000 (Elenkov)
The Sympathetic Nerve: The Brain and the Immune System  -increased sympathetic tone is immunosuppressive (reduces immunity)  (and the research is clear showing that altered position and movement of the spine increases the tone of the sympathetic nervous system)

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