About Dr. John

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Dr. John

Research has always been a passion of mine. As long as I can remember my life motto has been “Never Stop Learning.” This motto has propelled me through three college degrees and three major career changes. I have a bachelor degree in pharmacy, a doctor of chiropractic degree, and a master of divinity. I love learning and sharing what I learn with others.

Through my educational experiences and career changes, I have gleaned life lessons that have helped me to be a better chiropractor and wellness provider. I endeavor to make a true difference in patient’s lives by establishing health and restoring hope. I care deeply for people and enjoy helping them find solutions.

I’ve been married for 36 years to an amazing woman. Rita has supported me through my schooling, career changes, and several moves. She continues to be my number one cheerleader and supporter. Unfortunately, we were not able to have children, but are considered second parents to many nieces and nephews.

​When I’m not busy researching, I love exploring the outdoors with my wife. Our favorite activity and real enjoyment is hiking, which has led us to summit several of the 14,000’ mountains in the state. We also enjoy biking and getting out into the beautiful blue skies and scenery. Since moving to Colorado, we have traveled through most of the state. I always have a camera with me to capture the beauty of nature.

I have absorbed myself in studying ways to help people optimize their health. Establishing health and restoring hope into the lives of patients ensures that I will make a true difference in the work I do, and in the lives I touch. I want to partner with anyone who wants to find their optimal state of total health and wellness and just needs some help getting there.